Useful contacts

You can contact the NHENF by email at

Useful contacts

If you need to contact the council about anything, you will usually have to contact  the relevant department electronically in the first instance. The following list has been prepared with the help of Westminster planning department. If you do use any of these services we would be very happy to hear how you got on.

You might also wish to copy your emails to you local councillor if you feel the matter is very important or you feel the matter is not being dealt with appropriately. If you are in the Bayswater ward, your councillors (all Conservative) are –

Brian Connell
Richard Holloway
Suhail Rahuja

Notifying the chairman of the Labour group has also been effective in the past.

Councillors in the Westbourne ward (Labour) are –

David Boothroyd

Adam Hug

Papya Qureshi


Highway obstruction and misuse

  1. Developers blocking pavements without making provision for pedestrians
  2. Builders working on the pavements
  3. Blocking roads without putting proper warnings to street users
  4. Concern that extension of work area to include parts of pavements is illegal
  5. Placing signs and other objects on the pavement

Details may be inserted in the option – ‘obstructions caused by builders’ work.’

Planning contraventions

  1. Working and making a noise outside permitted hours on pavements or otherwise
  2. Developers doing things not according to the permission received
  3. Illegal removal of trees
  4. Developers’ illegal display of their own advertisements

(Only professionals such as architects and engineers may display their credentials. The suppliers of electronic protection may display a telephone number. Otherwise, just as estate agents’ signs are prohibited, so are builders’ signs.)

Parking obstructions

  • Developers using more parking space than they have paid for
  • Blocking residents cars by developers’ vehicles

Noise complaints

The City Council operates a 24 hour, 365 day per year Noise Team to deal with these and they can be contacted on 020 7641 2000. Alternatively complaints can be made electronically via the Council’s website via the following link:

Cycling on the pavement

Should be reported to the cycling team using the webform:

Dog fouling

This can also be reported via 020 7641 2000 or electronically via the following link:

Reporting dangerous trees

The following link provides details on whom to contact dependent on the location of the tree (i.e., privately owned trees, trees planted on the pavement, trees in parks etc) –